, na_action=None, dtype=None, memory_scale=None, skip_infer=False)#

Map values using input correspondence (a dict, Series, or function).

  • mapper (function, dict, or Series) – Mapping correspondence.

  • na_action ({None, 'ignore'}) – If ‘ignore’, propagate NA values, without passing them to the mapping correspondence.

  • dtype (np.dtype, default None) – Specify return type of the function. Must be specified when we cannot decide the return type of the function.

  • memory_scale (float) – Specify the scale of memory uses in the function versus input size.

  • skip_infer (bool, default False) – Whether infer dtypes when dtypes or output_type is not specified


applied – The output of the mapping function applied to the index. If the function returns a tuple with more than one element a MultiIndex will be returned.

Return type

Union[Index, MultiIndex], inferred