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# Copyright 1999-2021 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

from typing import Dict, List, Union

from .... import oscar as mo
from ....lib.aio import alru_cache
from ....utils import parse_readable_size
from ..core import SessionInfo
from ..supervisor import CustomLogMetaActor, SessionManagerActor, SessionActor
from ..worker import CustomLogActor
from .core import AbstractSessionAPI

[docs]class SessionAPI(AbstractSessionAPI):
[docs] def __init__( self, address: str, session_manager: mo.ActorRefType[SessionManagerActor] ): self._address = address self._session_manager_ref = session_manager
@classmethod @alru_cache(cache_exceptions=False) async def create(cls, address: str, **kwargs) -> "SessionAPI": if kwargs: # pragma: no cover raise TypeError(f"SessionAPI.create got unknown arguments: {list(kwargs)}") session_manager = await mo.actor_ref(address, SessionManagerActor.default_uid()) return SessionAPI(address, session_manager) async def create_session(self, session_id: str) -> str: session_actor_ref = await self._session_manager_ref.create_session(session_id) return session_actor_ref.address async def get_sessions(self) -> List[SessionInfo]: return await self._session_manager_ref.get_sessions() async def has_session(self, session_id: str) -> bool: """ Check if session created. Parameters ---------- session_id : str Session ID. Returns ------- if_exists : bool """ return await self._session_manager_ref.has_session(session_id) async def delete_session(self, session_id: str): await self._session_manager_ref.delete_session(session_id) async def delete_all_sessions(self): await self._session_manager_ref.delete_all_sessions() @alru_cache(cache_exceptions=False) async def get_session_address(self, session_id: str) -> str: """ Get session address. Parameters ---------- session_id : str Session ID. Returns ------- address : str Session address. """ return (await self._session_manager_ref.get_session_ref(session_id)).address async def get_last_idle_time( self, session_id: Union[str, None] = None ) -> Union[float, None]: return await self._session_manager_ref.get_last_idle_time(session_id) @alru_cache(cache_exceptions=False) async def _get_session_ref(self, session_id: str) -> mo.ActorRefType[SessionActor]: return await self._session_manager_ref.get_session_ref(session_id) async def create_remote_object( self, session_id: str, name: str, object_cls, *args, **kwargs ): session = await self._get_session_ref(session_id) return await session.create_remote_object(name, object_cls, *args, **kwargs) async def get_remote_object(self, session_id: str, name: str): session = await self._get_session_ref(session_id) return await session.get_remote_object(name) async def destroy_remote_object(self, session_id: str, name: str): session = await self._get_session_ref(session_id) return await session.destroy_remote_object(name) @alru_cache(cache_exceptions=False) async def _get_custom_log_meta_ref( self, session_id: str ) -> mo.ActorRefType[CustomLogMetaActor]: session = await self._get_session_ref(session_id) return await mo.actor_ref( mo.ActorRef(session.address, CustomLogMetaActor.gen_uid(session_id)) ) async def register_custom_log_path( self, session_id: str, tileable_op_key: str, chunk_op_key: str, worker_address: str, log_path: str, ): custom_log_meta_ref = await self._get_custom_log_meta_ref(session_id) return await custom_log_meta_ref.register_custom_log_path( tileable_op_key, chunk_op_key, worker_address, log_path ) @classmethod async def new_custom_log_dir(cls, address: str, session_id: str): try: ref = await mo.actor_ref(mo.ActorRef(address, CustomLogActor.default_uid())) except mo.ActorNotExist: return return await ref.new_custom_log_dir(session_id) async def fetch_tileable_op_logs( self, session_id: str, tileable_op_key: str, chunk_op_key_to_offsets: Dict[str, List[int]], chunk_op_key_to_sizes: Dict[str, List[int]], ) -> Dict: custom_log_meta_ref = await self._get_custom_log_meta_ref(session_id) chunk_op_key_to_arr_paths = await custom_log_meta_ref.get_tileable_op_log_paths( tileable_op_key ) if chunk_op_key_to_arr_paths is None: return worker_to_kwds = dict() for chunk_op_key, addr_path in chunk_op_key_to_arr_paths.items(): worker_address, log_path = addr_path if isinstance(chunk_op_key_to_offsets, dict): offset = chunk_op_key_to_offsets.get(chunk_op_key, 0) elif isinstance(chunk_op_key_to_offsets, str): offset = int(parse_readable_size(chunk_op_key_to_offsets)[0]) elif isinstance(chunk_op_key_to_offsets, int): offset = chunk_op_key_to_offsets else: offset = 0 if isinstance(chunk_op_key_to_sizes, dict): size = chunk_op_key_to_sizes.get(chunk_op_key, -1) elif isinstance(chunk_op_key_to_sizes, str): size = int(parse_readable_size(chunk_op_key_to_sizes)[0]) elif isinstance(chunk_op_key_to_sizes, int): size = chunk_op_key_to_sizes else: size = -1 if worker_address not in worker_to_kwds: worker_to_kwds[worker_address] = { "chunk_op_keys": [], "log_paths": [], "offsets": [], "sizes": [], } kwds = worker_to_kwds[worker_address] kwds["chunk_op_keys"].append(chunk_op_key) kwds["log_paths"].append(log_path) kwds["offsets"].append(offset) kwds["sizes"].append(size) result = dict() for worker, kwds in worker_to_kwds.items(): custom_log_ref = await mo.actor_ref( mo.ActorRef(worker, CustomLogActor.default_uid()) ) chunk_op_keys = kwds.pop("chunk_op_keys") logs = await custom_log_ref.fetch_logs(**kwds) for chunk_op_key, log_result in zip(chunk_op_keys, logs): result[chunk_op_key] = log_result return result
class MockSessionAPI(SessionAPI): @classmethod async def create(cls, address: str, **kwargs) -> "SessionAPI": session_id = kwargs.pop("session_id") if kwargs: # pragma: no cover raise TypeError(f"SessionAPI.create got unknown arguments: {list(kwargs)}") session_manager = await mo.create_actor( SessionManagerActor, address=address, uid=SessionManagerActor.default_uid() ) if session_id: await session_manager.create_session(session_id, create_services=False) return MockSessionAPI(address, session_manager)